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Jon Gilmour Joins Pandasaurus Games as Head of Game Development

Oct 31, 2018

Pandasaurus Games would like to welcome another member to Team Pandasaurus!

World renound nice-guy and amazing designer Jonathan Gilmour has joined the team as the head of Game Development.

Jonathan has been a great friend of ours and a designer we were blessed to work with for a while now on hits like Wasteland Express and Dinosaur Island, and now he will be handing the development duties on all of our internally developed games.  Dead Man’s Cabal is the first of many great things on the horizon with Jon!

To quote Jon:  “It’s been a pleasure working with Pandasaurus Games on Wasteland Express Delivery Service and Dinosaur Island! The care and attention that they give their games made them one of the top companies that I wanted to partner with. Over the years we’ve developed a great working relationship, helping on development of several of their titles (Nyctophobia, Duelosaur Island, and Dead Man’s Party), and I’m very excited to continue that relationship coming on board with them full time. I am very excited about the projects that we have in the pipeline!”

Outpost Amazon Available Now from IDW Games

April 13, 2018

IDW Games have been talking about Outpost: Amazon, the next game in their co-op survival card game series from Daryl Andrews and Jon Gilmour and now it is available on store shelves.

Welcome to Outpost 2, located deep in the heart of the Amazon. Congratulations! Being appointed to this Outpost means you are one of the finest minds in your field of study. While you are here, it is your team’s job to collect and report on the various exotic plants and creatures native to the area.

Unfortunately, you’ve arrived during troubled times…A recent report shows that the locals have been moving away from the riverbanks over the last few weeks, and night vision surveillance has captured photos that seem too strange to be true. Now, you must make your own way down the river to the coast, where a rescue ship is waiting. Along the way, you must investigate and verify these images.

Take your crew and head down the river, making sure to capture as many specimens as possible. But be careful: the locals have been leaving this area for a reason. The trip will be long, and you’ll need to make sure you balance your scientific curiosity against the need for safety. Good luck to you and your team. You’ll need it!

Outpost: Siberia Announced by IDW Games

May 14th, 2017

Designer Jon Gilmour, co-designer of the critical hit Dead of Winter, teams up with Daryl Andrews, creator of Sagrada and IDW Games, to bring Outpost: Siberia, the first in a series of cooperative survival horror card games, to stores.

“We are ecstatic to work with Gilmour and Andrews on an approachable, cooperative game. Outpost: Siberia is certainly a cinematic horror experience with an elegant simplicity that belies the game’s depth,” says Jerry Bennington, Vice President of New Product Development.

As a group of specialized researchers, each with their own unique abilities, players will draw cards from the Outpost deck, and either hold on to them as weapons, or stash them in the communal supply. As Events, both good and bad, and Threats are revealed from the Expedition deck, players must strategize together and make tough choices in order to survive.

“The challenge Jon and I faced when designing Outpost: Siberia was to capture the tension and strategy of a cooperative survival horror game that played quickly and was built compactly.” Andrews said, “IDW was great at letting us try some inventive solutions to achieve those goals, and the end result, in both the game and our partnership with IDW, has truly benefited from that freedom.”

Outpost: Siberia is the first of four planned stand-alone games that come packed in a collectible tin, each featuring a unique location. The tension of survival horror is distilled down to its essential parts, and at a price point of $19.99, with the added bonus of a collectible tin, Outpost: Siberia is set to be a staple on many gamers’ tabletops.