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Junk City objective markers from Kromlech

February 12th, 2016

Kromlech have a new release breaking from their usual bits and figures with their Junk City Objective Markers.   Useful for every army!

Junk City Objective Markers
Highest quality resin product.
Each marker is build of two parts. 40mm resin scenic base and a sign with a number.

New Front Arc Marker Released by Tabletop-Art

July 5th, 2015

The new Tabletop-Art Front Arc Marker is an ideal tool to mark the 180° front arc (90° marking is also possible) on round lip bases. We have three versions: Acrylic glass black and red or MDF.Simply push the base into the slot, hold on to the base and the marker, and draw a line along the clip. These clips have the same curve as the edge of the base which makes marking the front arc easier and precise. You can make the marks using permanent marker, a brush or, like in the example, a pencil (which is removable).

You can glue the clips into the marker or you just plug them together. So you can remove the clips from one side in case you are using a base that overlaps.

Burn In Designs release new Robotech RPG Tactics accessories

January 7th, 2015

With the release of Robotech RPG Tactics game Burn In Designs are pleased to announce their first set of add on kits for the game.

These kits are designed with improving your game experience without breaking the bank. From new clear bases to tokens and templates we have all sorts of kits to expand your game.

Transparent Bases – Every model needs a good place to stand. We offer transparent standard and flying bases to allow your models to fit in perfectly no matter the environment you place then in. From the depths of space, to the rubble strewn cities or the dense jungle these bases will blend in perfectly with their surroundings. The bases are all acrylic and include large front facing and 180 degree markings. Flight bases come in pairs with 2 different locations for 1/8″ magnets*. The bases are available in your choice of numbered or blank for easy identification of similar models. Custom engraving is also available for named characters or unit markings as shown below.

Action Tokens and Blast Templates – No matter how many you have you, like dice you always need more. These are a great replacement for the ones that ship with the boxed set. The action tokens are .75″, 19mm diameter rather than the .5″ ones that ship in the box. This makes them more visible on the table top and less likely to get left behind. They are available in all sorts of colors and can be custom engraved as needed. The examples shown have the 2 most common engravings but we have dozens of other designs available. The tokens are sold in packs of 20 or 150 and in several different colors including mirrored options

Building Damage Markers – RRT adds the concept of destructible terrain to the battlefield. This is a great option for mimicking those great battles from the series. The problem though is you need to be able to keep track of all those building hits. This is a 3 wheel marker for tracking DF from 1 to 6 and MDC up to 99.
Objective Markers – Clearly marked objectives make the game so much easier. Each market is on a 1.5″ base and 1.5″ tall. Sold in packs of 5
5″ Blast Template – The 5″ blast template is engraved with the 6 scatter arrows and numbers ready for play. This too can be custom engraved to match your squad and in the same range of colors to match the
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New gaming aids for Dropzone Commander, Infinity, Warmachine & others

October 1st, 2014

War Mage Games has new gaming aids that make your life easier and let you focus more on the game itself.

for Dropzone Commander:

• Battlegroup Activation Counter, for 2 players, lets you keep track of the 6 battlegropus and the 7 game moves.
• Gate Activation Counter, for 2 players, lets you keep track of the 16 gates of the Shaltari faction.
• Objective Marker Set made from engraved MDF, replacing the cardboard markers. Total of 47 markers for “Objective, “Possible”, “Intel” and “Focal Point”


  •  50 mm Objective Marker, indicating the 15 hitpoints by turning. Also possible in different versions, e.g. 10 Points for Warhammer etc.

Infinity / Warmachine / other systems:

  •  two new rulers. A triangle with 2, 4 and 5 inch sides and a ruler with 1, 2, 4 and 8 inch sides.

As with most of the items, acrylic color can be chosen and individual engraving of your name or logo is possible.

50mm-objective-marker-with-hit-counter Dropzone-Commander-objective-markers

various-rulers-available-for-different-game-systems DZC-battlegroup-and-gate-activation-counters

New Lantern Bearer Markers from Litko

August 12th, 2014

Litko has released their newest product, Lanterns for your adventurers! Lantern Markers, that is.  Deisgned to fit snugly with the standard medium 1 inch round base, the lantern markers allow you to track which characters have them.  Sold in sets of 3. (PS : No, they do not light up, sorry.  That would be pretty sweet if they did though)

New Acrylic Tokens for X-Wing from Valiant Wargames

June 19th, 2014

Valiant Wargames  have revised their range of acrylic status tokens for xwing.

The new tokens use solid colors that work better against black backdrops that many people play xwing on.  As well as the new range of tokens any orders containing xwing products will contain a token sample pack for free.