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WizKids preview Michelangelo for TMNT Heroclix

March 12th, 2016

Today, we’re taking a look at the kookiest of the four turtles, the nunchaku-spinning prankster Michelangelo!  We’ll start off with a version of Michelangelo based on the original 1984 Mirage Comics series.

Michelangelo is an attacker who can bring the fight to the enemy while simultaneously helping his teammates.  To show this, he starts with the Charge and Empower standard powers on his dial.  The early-dial pairing of Charge and Empower means you can have Michelangelo move in for an attack, then bump up an adjacent teammate’s damage value when it’s their turn to take a swing at an opponent.

Like the 1984 comics versions of Raphael and Donatello we previously revealed, Michelangelo has the Fighting through the Swarms trait that allows him to be placed in any square adjacent to an opposing character he hits.  Also like Raphael and Donatello, Michelangelo’s weapons of choice (two nunchakus) are represented as a special power.  That special power, Nunchakus, lets him make two close attacks via Flurry.  Additionally, each time he hits an opponent, he can give that character an action token after actions resolve.

Michelangelo can be added to your force for 50 points and is a viable choice as an attacker who can also slow down an opponent’s force by dishing out action tokens through his Nunchakus special power.

Like the other characters in TMNT HeroClix they also have a Modern version. Head on over to the Wizkids site for more!