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Warlord Games brings you a Pike & Shotte Engineer Working Party

April 23rd, 2014

Warlord Games have released their 28mm Engineer Working Party for Pike & Shotte, standing ready to build your siege lines and earthworks:

It was not all marching and fighting in 17th century armies. Roads were normally appalling and needed to be mended, widened or drained. Bridges needed building, repairing, strengthening or demolishing. Houses, great and small could be made into strongpoints by loop holing the walls. Ditches were dug around camps and forts, and the artillery protected by ravelins, spiked posts and fences.

Often the huge guns needed to be sited on thick wooden platforms so the wheels of the mighty Culverins did not sink into the earth. To protect the gunners further gabions would be woven from willow branches and filled with packed earth.

Siege lines, saps and trenches were another part of the engineers’ black art, and with a skilled engineer and willing hands used for hard labour, great works could be built in a short time. These earthworks would often be counter-attacked by besieged forces, who would sally out to overwhelm the besieging lines. They would attempt to kill any enemy troops, destroy guns and even run off with all the engineering tools – its hard to dig a sap without a shovel!

This was dangerous work indeed and there was a very real danger of being sniped at by the enemy behind their walls. To protect the most valued or vulnerable engineers, heavy armour was issued that was musket proof if rather heavy, though better sweaty than dead! Sometimes it was crowned by the sinister looking “deaths head” heavy helmet that can be seen on one of our engineer models. Pistols, swords and bills were common frontline weapons, though spades and picks could also be used to frightful effect.

Warlord Games releases Pike & Shotte Dragoons horse holder set

December 28th, 2013

Warlord Games has released their new Dragoon Horse Holder set from their Pike & Shotte line.

Dragoons used different tactics than Cavalry. They acted in a scouting role, capturing bridges and woods, and their horses were treated with care and protected from harm, being used for transportation rather than in battle. Their long muskets were impractical to fire from the saddle (and tended to spook the horses), so the regiment would ride into position before dismounting.

For King and Country : Conquest of Gaul released by Warlord Games

September 7th, 2013

What better way to get started with a new game, than with a convenient starter set?  How about For King and Country : Conquest of Gaul from Warlord Games?

Packed with hordes of models, as well as a full rulebook, these sets offer brilliant value and hours of wargaming fun.

Our For King & Country set will introduce you to the game of Pike & Shotte. It includes the gloriously presented full-colour hardback Pike & Shotte rulebook and more than 80 plastic miniatures, including 12 cavalry models, so whether you want to refight the battles of the English Civil Wars or the devastating Thirty Years War this set is just the job.

Meanwhile, the Conquest of Gaul set will launch you into battles of Hail Caesar, between the barbaric Celts and the legions of Imperial Rome. This set has over 90 plastic models, including a Roman Scorpion catapult! It also includes the superb full-colour hardback Hail Caesar rulebook chock full of great eye candy!


Plastic Gabions for Pike & Shotte from Warlord Games

May 19th, 2013

Warlord Games  now have these very handy plastic gabions for you. Ideal for games of Pike & Shotte and many conflicts in Black Powder, they will make a great addition to your terrain collection. Containing ten gabions this plastic sprue will give your embattled gunners ample protection!

Gabions are military fortifications made from wickerwork in the shape of large round cages with open tops and bottoms. Early examples were most commonly used to protect field artillery gunners and could be stood on end, staked in position, and filled with soil or stones to form an effective wall around the gun. The wickerwork cylinders were light and could be carried relatively conveniently in the ammunition train, particularly if they were made in several diameters to fit one inside another.

Gabions were not only used during the Pike & Shotte era and in more modem times were often used to protect forward operating bases against explosive shells and indirect fires such as mortar or artillery fire.

Examples of areas that make extensive use of gabions would be sleeping quarters, mess halls, or any place where there will be a large concentration of unprotected soldiers.

Available now, pack contains 1 sprue which will make up 10 gabions and if purchased with any piece of Pike & Shotte artillery we will send you the Pike & Shotte Master Gunner for free!

Warlord Games releases Pike & Shotte mounted commander

April 12th, 2013

Warlord Games releases a brand new mounted commander for your Pike & Shotte armies which comes with two head options, allowing you to build him either side of your chosen war, be it the Thirty Years War or English Civil Wars!

Note that you get one mounted rider and two heads in this pack – not two full figures!