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Sloppy Jalopy T62 Available Now From Sally 4th

June 20, 2017

The latest 28mm modern AFV kit to be released by Sloppy Jalopy  is the Soviet T62 MBT, available now from Sally 4th

The kit is cleanly cast in resin and white metal, goes together easily and is robust on the table top. Optional auxiliary fuel tanks are included.

The kit is available from Sally 4th and Sloppy Jalopy websites, and Sally 4th will also have them available at the shows they attend.

Sally 4th Releases New 28mm Buildings

May 14th, 2017

Sally 4th has recently launched a new building in their 28mm British range, great for gaming Operation Sea Lion, Very British Civil War or any other conflict set in Britain from around 1900 onwards. The kit makes two terraced houses with a handy cut-through or alley way between the houses and their yards. The yards come complete with walling and an outside water closet.

Finished size 200mm x 300mm x 210mm high. RRP £22.50

This is the fourth building in Sally 4th exciting new range of photo-realistic building kits, designed to bring a new level or detail, realism and playability to your miniatures gaming.
The kit consists of a simple but robust shell with walls constructed from 3mm Medite and floors and roof from 2mm MDF. This is very quick and easy to assemble and features a removable roof. We have come to recognise that different gamers have different needs as far as model buildings and terrain go. Some want a very basic, cheap and cheerful building with minimum effort while some want a completely accurate and detailed model similar to those seen on the best model railways. We have tried to accommodate this by developing a customisable kit. You can use the building as built, add your own cardboard stone and plaster texture or just paint the building and use it straight away.

Or, you can download one of the photo-realistic cover layers we have designed for this building, for free, print out on your home printer, glue to the shell with PVA glue, apply a quick coat of varnish and you have a very detailed and realistic looking building to grace your table in far less time than it would take to paint a building to the same level of detail.
Stone photo-realistic covers are available for the model

These are available free for you to print and use. If you do not want to print these yourselves, these are available pre-printed on to heavyweight paper.

Exotic Locations Terrain Released by Sally 4th

March 12th, 2017

Terra-Block:Exotic Locations is a set of 28mm tabletop wargames terrain inspired by the movie industry.

The Locations are Rick’s Cafe, The Museum of Antiquities, The Ancient Souk and Riad El Hasam.

Rick’s Cafe is the ‘core location’, you need the pieces from this to complete the other locations, so for example The Museum of Antiquities contains the pieces that you need to add to Rick’s Cafe to transform it into the Museum.

For each location we have developed ‘Set Dressings’. These kits provide the pieces to furnish the Sets, so for example the Set Dressings for Rick’s Cafe includes the tables and chairs, heart shaped bar etc. and the Set Dressings for the Ancient Souk contains the market stalls, packing cases, hand cart etc.

To finish off the range we have ‘Props’. Props are the detailed resin and metal castings that bring the tabletop world to life. The props for the museum include a wide range of exhibits, designed to fit into the display cases from the museum’s set dressing kit. The exhibits include an Egyptian sarcophagus, urns, books, statues and many other items. Props for the souk (or marketplace) include fruit, vegetables, spices and pulses to fit the tables and stalls in the Souk set dressings kit and the Riad Props set consists of cushions and an old fashioned colonial style fan. The final set is titles ‘Exotic-Location Props’, these are cast in pewter and contains 31 separate pieces including telephones, lamps, place settings, tagines and a mantelpiece clock that can be used to finish off Rick’s Cafe or any of the other locations.

Exotic Locations was initially available via Indigogo and is released as a retail product, available for immediate shipping today


Sally 4th Normandy building range available

May 2nd, 2016

Sally 4th is pleased to announce that their range of 28mm Normandy buildings are now on general retail release.

The range contains the following kits

301 – Pair of Mid Terrace Houses £30
302 – Pair of Left End Terrace Houses £30
303 – Pair of Right End Terrace Houses £30
304 – Detached Stone Built House £30
305 – Pair of ‘Corner’ Shops £45
306 – Church £65
307 – The House at Dead Mans Corner £35
308 – Courtyard with Iron Railings £6

There are also a number of accessory packs available including a choice of five styles of ruined roof and two type of optional ruined first floor.

Deam-Mans-Corner-2 Normandy-Kickstarter-1

Normandy-Kickstarter-2 pitched-tower-norman-church-28mm


Sally 4th to publish Combat Patrol WWII Skirmish for UK/Euro market

February 6th, 2016

Sally 4th is set to publish Combat Patrol WWII Skirmish rules for the UK and European markets.

Combat Patrol WW2 skirmish rules features the G.A.M.E.R. engine.  G.A.M.E.R. is a unique skirmish system in which cards are used not just for activation but for all aspects of combat resolution and melee.  No dice are used to resolve combat.  Over three years were spent in development.  The result is a system that flows smoothly and supports many-player gamers.

Combat Patrol is designed for playing platoon level WW2 actions, this is the same level of engagment as a Bolt Action game.

New Tokens and Templates from Sally 4th

August 13th, 2015

Sally 4th have released a number of useful gaming aids:

Mini Measure Template for quickly measuring 1/2?, 1?, 2?, 3?
Made from Durable 3mm Perspex and available in a number of colors.  Very handy template for games such as Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy / Age of Sigmar

39 Precision Laser Cut Tokens for “Went the Day Well?” Platoon level rules for 1938 – A Very British Civil War, VBCW. Tokens cut from slate grey 2mm MDF and include:

• 5 x Watch & Shoot
• 5 x Searching
• 5 x Gone to Ground
• 4 x Nerve – Running Away
• 4 x Nerve – Suppressed
• 4 x Nerve – Jumpy
• 5 x Section Id.
• 7 x Vehicle Status
Set of 5 Perspex Templates for “Went the Day Well” Platoon level rules for 1938 – A Very British Civil War.  Templates cut from clear 2mm Perspex include:
• Combined Large Round Template (Field Gun Outer Rim / Mortar Inner Rim)
• Small Round Template (Light Mortar / Grenade / Rifle Grenade)
• Heavy Machine Gun
• Light Machine Gun
• Sub Machine Gun (SMG)

wtdw-template WTDW-tokens

Sally 4th release new Shock Tokens

June 12th, 2015

Sally 4th has just added a useful set of ‘Shock Tokens’ to their range of templates, tokens and player aids.
The set contains 20, 20mm diameter engraved tokens depicting a lightning bolt. These are great for recording ‘Shock’ in Dux Britannium and other miniatures games and cost £3.

These join our existing template and token range that include pinned markers, battered tokens, coverage and arc templates for Warhammer and a range of ‘Smoke’ templates of different diameters.

Sally 4th release new Tokens and Template sets

May 28th, 2015

This week Sally 4th released 5 new token or templates set’s which are usable in a wide range of game systems.

Pinned Markers: This set contains 21 x Pin 1, 14 x Pin 2, 4 x Pin 3. These unobtrusive markers are ideal for using with Bolt Action to mark the pin status of a unit. Cost £3.75

Battered Markers: This set contains 6 Battered Tokens, ideal for use with Lion Rampant to identify units which are battered. Cost £2.00

20mm Coverage Template: This template represents a unit of 5 files x 5 ranks with figures mounted on 20mm square bases. It is ideal for use with games such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle & Warhammer Historical Rules to accurately and easily identify the models which are touched by a template effect weapon. Cost £2.00

25mm Coverage Template: This template represents a unit of 5 files x 5 ranks with figures mounted on 25mm square bases. It is ideal for use with games such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle & Warhammer Historical Rules to accurately and easily identify the models which are touched by a template effect weapon. Cost £2.50

Arc Template: Line one straight edge up with the flank of your unit to easily identify its arc for charging or missile fire. Cost £1.50

20mm-coverage-template 25mm-coverage-template