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Somnium Void campaign setting for USR released

December 31st, 2015

Somnium Void is a space opera campaign setting for Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying (USR) designed and released by Trollish Delver Games. This pay what you want book contains rules and ideas for running a space opera game in a fun setting inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek and Firefly.

What Does a Game of Somnium Void Look Like?

A panicked human diplomat staggers down a dark street in Primum, a poison dart stuck in her side. She collapses on the road as a shadowy member of the Pale Kings melts into the darkness.

A Shade doctor wraps bandages around the bloody stump of a soldier on board a warship that is being bombarded by Novorian Skyweavers.

A Cthoni Somnium Guardian sinks her blade into the neck of a Sketh Warmaster as it releases its final death howl.

A Wulfen smuggler is boarded by Magnan security, knowing that they will find the contraband hidden away in the ship.

Somnium Void is a game of adventure and heroism in the far future. Players will travel to different worlds like the ashen Hollow and the cyberpunk planet of Zero, making allies, enemies and credits. All the while the great powers that be are locked into a paranoid struggle that will likely pull the players into a story of intrigue and war. Whether you want to play a game that’s all about exploring new worlds and fighting aliens or whether you would prefer to get involved in politics and strategy, Somnium Void can be played in different ways. There is no one true way to play. Players can take on the role of smugglers, diplomats, assassins, Somnium Guardians, technopriests and more – the only limit is the imagination.


  • 10 character archetypes created especially for space opera fun
  • 7 races, including some weird and wonderful aliens
  • Rules for spaceship combat
  • 3 star systems, 15 planets
  • A list of allies and villains
  • Lots of useful random tables for generating your adventures

You will need the free USR rulebook to play.