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New Dice Towers from War Mage Games

December 2nd, 2014

War Mage Games have a new selection of dice towers available.

-basic versions in wood or acrylic, starting at only € 7,00
-Tardis, available in wood or acrylic
-Sci-Fi, medieval and Wild West dice towers
–with a platform for miniatures, up to 30mm base size
–can be used as terrain piece as well during a game

-automatic dice roller
no need to take out and throw dice in anymore,

New gaming aids for Dropzone Commander, Infinity, Warmachine & others

October 1st, 2014

War Mage Games has new gaming aids that make your life easier and let you focus more on the game itself.

for Dropzone Commander:

• Battlegroup Activation Counter, for 2 players, lets you keep track of the 6 battlegropus and the 7 game moves.
• Gate Activation Counter, for 2 players, lets you keep track of the 16 gates of the Shaltari faction.
• Objective Marker Set made from engraved MDF, replacing the cardboard markers. Total of 47 markers for “Objective, “Possible”, “Intel” and “Focal Point”


  •  50 mm Objective Marker, indicating the 15 hitpoints by turning. Also possible in different versions, e.g. 10 Points for Warhammer etc.

Infinity / Warmachine / other systems:

  •  two new rulers. A triangle with 2, 4 and 5 inch sides and a ruler with 1, 2, 4 and 8 inch sides.

As with most of the items, acrylic color can be chosen and individual engraving of your name or logo is possible.

50mm-objective-marker-with-hit-counter Dropzone-Commander-objective-markers

various-rulers-available-for-different-game-systems DZC-battlegroup-and-gate-activation-counters