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Days of Wonder announces street date for Quadropolis

January 13th, 2015

Days of Wonder have announced that their newest game, Quadropolis is expected to be available in Europe early March and in the US early April at an expected retail price of $50/€45.

In Quadropolis you enact the role of the Mayor of a modern city. You will need to define a global strategy to build your city according to your Inhabitants’ needs and outmatch your opponents, sending your Architects to have various buildings erected in your city. Each building allows you to score victory points. There are various types of buildings with different scoring patterns; many of them may be combined for better effect.

Will you be able to meet the challenge and become the most prestigious Mayor in history?

For 2-4 players, aged 8+, plays in 30-60 min.


Champions of Midgard worker placement coming in September

August 22nd, 2015

Grey Fox Games is pleased to announce the release of Champions of Midgard – a Viking Era worker placement game with dice driven combat between players and mythical Norse beasts. The game has enjoyed much praise from playtesters and has received the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence!

This newest release is Grey Fox Games’ largest game yet with an impressive list of components including a 20” x 30” board illustrated by artist Andre Gracia (Captain’s Wager), 34 custom dice, wooden meeples, carboard tokens, and 121 cards featuring the fantastic art of Victor P. Corbella (Samurai Spirit, Dead Panic) on each of the monster, draugr, and troll cards. In Champions of Midgard players assume the role of a Viking Leader attempting to earn the title of Jarl in a besieged harbor town. They will collect the weapons, wood, and food needed to build ships, carve runes and send their warriors across the sea to defeat the most savage beasts and earn the glory befitting a champion.

“The combat is what sets this game apart from other games in the genre,” says Joshua Lobkowicz, Head of Game Development at Grey Fox Games. “It’s as approachable as Lords of Waterdeep but with the added thrill of rolling handfuls of Viking Warrior Dice in an attempt to kill awesome monsters.”

The game will be out on September 15th, and will carry a MSRP of $59.99.

2-4 players ages 10+. 60-80 minute play time.

Periorbis: The Deep Space Mining board game for 2-6 players

May 9th, 2015

Perihelion Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Periorbis, their new worker placement board game.

Each person controls a mining start-up. Players must plan ahead, anticipate asteroid orbits, hire workers to leverage their skills and sell ore to make money and keep their business running. All the while trying to keep other players from taking their ore and stealing their business!

Each game of Periorbis is unique. Each player starts with a randomly selected specialist and workers for hire are drawn from a deck. Players can never be certain what specialists will be available and when.

The impact of luck has been deliberately limited to reward skill and planning. The game incorporates several self-leveling mechanisms. These serve to keep the leader on their toes and keep everyone in the game all the way to the end!

Dyskami Publishing Company launches Worker Placement, the worker placement board game Kickstarter

November 11th, 2013

Dyskami Publishing Company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Worker Placement, an easy-to-learn strategy board game of earning cash and gaining reputation.

In the game, you assume the role of a temporary employment agency CEO who is trying to build your start-up business into a thriving operation. The path to success seems simple enough: hire unemployed temp workers, help them upgrade their skills, and find them the best short-term jobs so your company can get paid its cut. Competition with other temp agencies is fierce, though, so establishing a solid reputation as a reliable and dependable agency can bump your workers towards the front of the employment line for first pick of the premium jobs.