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Z-Man Games Announces Noctiluca

March 25, 2019

In Noctiluca, players are competing to fill jar cards with rare noctiluca dice retrieved from the pool. Grateful healers eagerly await the delivery of specific arrangements of the mystical noctiluca and will reward you for every filled jar. You must carefully balance their requests and strategically gather noctiluca to prove yourself as the best diver in the Cerulean Pools!

The most important aspect of Noctiluca is gathering noctiluca dice from the pool. You’ll need to carefully plan your dive into the water. On each of your turns, you will place a pawn on the shore around the edge of the pool. Then you will have a choice. You can dive straight along one of the two straight paths accessible from the shore you chose. Then choose a number and collect each die showing that number along the path you dive through.

You can place a pawn on any empty shore, but once a pawn has been placed on a shore, no one else can dive from there for the rest of the round. Placing a pawn can both claim the perfect noctiluca dice for yourself, while simultaneously blocking off what your opponent needs!

Collecting noctiluca and filling jars for points is the core of Noctiluca, but within this simple task is a world of strategic depth.  You can pre-order your copy of this beautiful game from acclaimed designer Shem Phillips.

Z-Man Games Announces New Version of Love Letter

Feb 19, 2019

Z-Man Games Announces a new version of Love Letter that plays up to 6 players with new cards and all new illustration. This gorgeous new edition of Love Letter will be $11.99 and release in summer 2019.

Love Letter is a quick card game of risk and deduction. Can you outwit your friends and earn the trust of the noble Princess? With quick and easy gameplay, Love Letter is perfect casual game for any occasion.

Love Letter remains the fast, portable card game you know and love, but now this award-winning game has a set of gorgeous new illustrations by Citadels artist Andrew Bosley, including a couple of new characters, now enabling game play for up to 6 players. We’ll cover the new characters and other game play features in more detail in future articles so keep an eye out! This edition also features a beautiful gold screen print of the iconic balance scale from the original Love Letter on both the bag and tokens.


Z-Man Games Announces Hadara

Feb 18, 2019

The weavers work at their looms, carefully pulling threads together to form a beautiful tapestry. Large bundles of fabric are dipped into containers of dye, emerging with vibrant and deep hues. Traders and merchants fill the stalls of the market, calling out to customers as they display goods from around the world. Nearby, a steady hammering sounds out as an architect directs builders placing supports for the new structure in the center of the city. In the rolling hills outside the city, sheep steadily graze on the grass as the farmers keep watch and tend to their crops. Slowly but surely the civilization expands and grows into a massive empire.

A civilization building game with an innovative card selection system, Hadara lets players strategically select allies and develop new technologies to build their strength, culture, and prestige as they grow their civilization through the epochs of human history.

Every civilization has to start somewhere. From humble beginnings and minimal resources, you will guide the growth of your civilization as new ideas take hold and you make great strides forward in the many fields of human achievement to build an empire more glorious than any other. Over the course of three epochs, you’ll have the chance to make your mark on history.

In Hadara, Arabic for “culture”, the key to advancing your civilization is recruiting people from many different cultures to bring their knowledge and skills in and expand your new empire. Will you focus on military strength or will you bring in merchants to focus on wealth?

Hadara features a unique card selection system. In the center of the board a rotating wheel has five creatures: a dragon, a pegasus, a lion, a monkey, and a scarab, each representing a player’s civilization. During each epoch, players will draw from the deck that their civilization’s symbol on the wheel is pointing to. Then the wheel will rotate, offering new opportunities for each player. The cards you choose will allow you to increase your income, claim colonies, complete statues, feed your populace, or give you unique effects for the game ahead. When drawing cards and choosing who to recruit for your civilization, you must think carefully and make tactical decisions. Your opponents may have the opportunity to recruit someone you didn’t.

Skilled artisans, philosophers, warriors, architects, and more from many different cultures will bring their genius to aid you in your endeavors, but it rests with you to choose the best allies to build your nation. Each epoch will bring more skilled workers with a higher cost but often a higher payoff as well. If you already have established your military strength, recruiting more people for your military will be cheaper. Don’t forget the other categories though! An empire without agriculture can’t feed its people.

Shape your civilization, stymie your opponents, and create a legacy for the ages! Hadara will be $59.99 and is scheduled for release in spring 2019.

Z-Man Games Announces Narabi

Feb 4, 2019

Create a stone garden with everything in its place.

Coming soon from Z-Man Games, a compact game of elegant simplicity, in Narabi players work together to untangle the chaotic placement of stones to create harmonious, numerical order in their stone garden. With quick play, light strategy, and hundreds of card combinations, this is a must-have title. Pre-order your copy of Narabi through the Z-Man Games website or your local retailers.

A perfect stone garden is carefully arranged to create a feeling of harmony and peace. Working together, players must move stones one at a time to place the stones in numerical order, either clockwise or counterclockwise, in as few moves as possible. If players can find order from the chaos, they win!

Each stone is randomly paired with a restriction card and inserted into the included card sleeves to create hundreds of possible combinations. Each game will be a new puzzle to solve as the restrictions and stones are mixed together

Once you have set up the game and randomly sleeved the restriction cards with the stone cards, each player will get a set of stones in front of them. With three players, each player will get four stones each. With four or five players, each player will get three stones in front of them. Once the stones are randomly dealt out, players must work together to figure out the puzzle. Players can look at the restrictions on their own stones. Then with limited table talk, players can try to deduce the best movements allowed within each stone’s restriction to strategically change the numerical order. On a player’s turn they must move a stone. So giving one player a 7 next to their 8 may seem like the best move but that 7 or 8 might have to move on their turn.

Will you be able to achieve true serenity? Narabi will be $14.99 and on shelves very soon!

Z-Man Announces Kingsburg Expansion Module #6

Feb 3, 2019

Z-Man Games has announced the release of Kingsburg Expansion Module #6, a set of familiar faces with all new abilities.

The King’s advisors have convened once again to pool together their collective resources in hopes of saving Kingsburg for yet another year. Only this time, their offerings will change at some point during the game.

The premise is simple. Essentially, at the start of each productive season, a new advisor reward is revealed and placed on top of its spot on the board, replacing the reward players have grown familiar with. Eventually, each advisor will feature a brand-new effect, allowing players access to the advisor’s new reward while removing its existing reward for the remainder of the game.

For example, the General originally focuses on battle, recruiting 2 soldiers and secretly looking at the top card of the enemy deck. The new reward tile replaces that effect with the reward to gain 2 gold or 2 wood or 2 stone. The Wizard normally rewards players with 4 gold, but with the new advisor tile placed on his space, he will now reward players with 5 victory points. These subtle differences can dramatically change strategies for fans of the game who feel like they’ve fully explored what Kingsburg has to offer.

Whether you’re a die-hard Kingsburg fan or you’ve just been itching for an excuse to get this beloved classic back to the table, look no further than Module #6 , sold exclusively on the Z-Man website and available now for just $6.99!

Note: Expansion Module #6 is already included in the newest version of Kingsburg. This expansion is intended to offer owners of the first edition the chance to purchase the expansion separately.


Z-Man Games Announces Noctiluca

Jan 5, 2019

Z-Man Games are thrilled to announce Noctiluca, an engaging abstract game from acclaimed designer Shem Phillips. Renowned for their restorative properties, the noctiluca are desired by many healers. Players must carefully plan their path before diving into the water to collect these mysterious glowing creatures. With a beautiful double-sided game board, up to four players can compete against each other, or one player can rescue noctiluca from the tempest in the included solo mode.

Pre-order your copy of Noctiluca  through their webstore or your local retailer today.

In Noctiluca, 104 colorful dice fill the pool on the game board to represent the different glowing noctiluca. Players will take turns diving in to the water from the edges of the shore to collect the noctiluca dice from the board and keep them safely in jars until they can deliver them to healers. After two rounds, players will compare points from their successful deliveries and the player with the most points will win.

Z-Man Games Announces Aerion

Dec 16, 2018

Aerion is a solo/cooperative game for one to two players published by Z-Man Games. Your goal is to build six airships to create the most beautiful fleet in the Oniverse. By rolling dice and managing your resources, you must find the best blueprints, materials, and crew for each ship. Can you build the best fleet in time?

As a well-known air-shipwright, a builder of flying machines, the Archonts have come to you with a weighty charge: to build a new fleet of ships to traverse the skies of the Oniverse. With limited resources, you face a great challenge to complete the order before your resources are exhausted.

The Archonts want a full fleet of six airships. You have the skills to build what they demand, but you must weigh your options carefully to get the components you need. Each ship requires a sound blueprint, the correct materials, and a trusty crew.

Aerion will be $24.99 and release in spring 2019

Z-Man Games Announces Lift Off

Nov 22, 2018

Humanity yearns for the stars and the race to explore is in full swing! With everyone wanting to claim their spot in history and start the golden age of space exploration, you must make strategic choices to outwit your opponents. Compete against other agencies to hire the best specialists, expand your research, upgrade your rocket, and complete missions in this retro resource management game.

Lift Off will be $59.99 and release in spring 2019. You can pre-order your copy of Lift Off through Z-Man Games or your local retailer today!

The unexplored cosmos awaits you in Lift Off. Build your space agency and compete to claim the most glorious milestones of space travel. New research has refined techniques to send astronauts into space. Specialists in the field will give your agency the edge. Bring a lead researcher or astronaut commander onboard and prepare for launch.

With the skills and technology to reach space finally within humanity’s grasp, there are many different possibilities to explore. Send up the first satellites, mine minerals from asteroids, build an orbital trading post, or land on a new planet. Select your missions carefully. A more complex mission will have a bigger payoff for your agency but will require more work.

To prepare for your missions you’ll need to develop technologies: life support, oxygen, energy, and fuel. You’ll also need to carefully manage your agency’s funds to upgrade your rocket to carry larger loads and fly more efficiently with rocket boosters. An upgraded rocket will be better suited to tackle the more ambitious missions. Plan ahead and your agency will win the race to the stars!